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February 14, 2022 Damon Hubert Season 2 Episode 5
Beyond the Message
Ask Now
Show Notes

This week we discuss how obedience to God flows out of what He has already done.

1. Have you ever felt God moving in your life, working for you? Explain what that was like?

2. Do you feel God's presence in your life now? Why or why now? What are some ways you know God is in your life?

3. Do we equate God's presence and Him working in our life to us getting everything we want? How does that affect how we see God?

4. How do we show obedience to God in our lives? (What are some practical ways we can do that?) 

5. How do we help others see God in their lives? How do we show them how to be obedient based, not on fear of a vengeful God, but out of love for a merciful God who has already given us so much?

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